Techstock Learnings


Kinects Hardware: Interesting aspects – there are 4 sensors. 

* 3D Depth Sensors (two) – Infrared Laser projector and monochrome CMOS sensor

* RGB Camera

* Multiarray microphones

* Tilt motor

– Can detect 6 people and about 20 points in human body

– Camera is powerful enough to sense the pulse rate of human body by watching the blood flow on space.


Parkinson’s law of Triviality – Bikeshedding.

Read related formulations on Parkinsons law here,’s_law_of_triviality


Bike Shedding: From Wiki, The word originates in Berkeley Software Distribution culture and implies technical disputes over minor, marginal issues conducted while more important ones are being overlooked. The implied image is of people arguing over what color to paint the bicycle shed while the house is not finished. Comes from Parkinsons Law of Triviality.



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