Startup by an IB chap


Nik Wallenda, the tightrope walker who recently crossed the Grand Canyon (while wearing his finest pair of bell-bottom jeans), said he doesn’t use a net because it provides a false sense of security, and that it’s been proven that tightrope walkers who have the net are more likely to fall.

While the prototypes we’ve built could be replicated faster by someone more experienced, in aggregate we likely would have burned more time (and definitely more money) because we would have built more feature-heavy prototypes. With Paul operating as a one-man coding team, we don’t have the luxury to build stuff people don’t want.

I sometimes feel as though I’m drowning in abstract tasks that are indefinite and ongoing. While I’ll lament about the menial tasks that creep onto my to-do list – respond to e-mails, handle accounting (pretty easy – what’s 30% of $0 revenue?), pay bills, etc. – these completable chores are a guilty pleasure.


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