Hardware revolution

Should software dudes be thinking about it? Yes, absolutely – to make world a better place!

Hardware revolution is here and there are challenges in managing its development, well noted here, http://www.trueventures.com/2013/07/27/the-hardware-revolution-is-upon-us-and-why-it-matters/

But, it is interesting to think about how micro/mini hardware devices can change the environment.

Software dudes have had mostly been thinking horizontally on making their apps available on devices, but with a paradigm shift in thinking about whole new ecosystem of devices (which of course would need software) we probably can bring a much larger change in society. A vertical thinking approach on intelligent devices.

Some examples in our existing environment

– Nike+ Fuel band

– Intelligent Watches

– iPhone (yea .. it is! too expensive – yes, but fundamentally same idea)

– Sugar monitoring systems

– many more..

<More later..>


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