A man’s quest for love

Strolling through the years to find the one which couldn’t be defined. Passing the opportunities with open eyes but closed mind, letting go for what was there to take but giving up in belief of undefined. Breaking hearts on the way, playing with ones who may have cared, turning away from the ones who begged, and giving a miss to the understanding ones; a beggar acting as a snob, still continues the search to quench his desire, but now bruised and broken.

Came friends and dear ones with an advice, but could never fall beyond the ears as the beating of heart was too loud – for what he saw, the perfection he couldn’t define.

But he did have the love for the ones he cared, a passing crushes on some who mingled for a while. Yearned for the caress of these but tangled in the realms of right and wrong, stayed still.

He did respect the ones who turned away, but for they were not gods that it would be their need, their desires being more of earthly ground.

And now since he is lost, the conundrum of decision has made it difficult for him to continue the quest. The pain and anguish taking the strength away, to resist, to lurk around darkness, to pray and bow down

Is it really the time to let go? and accept the failure.


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