Meetings & Distractions

Hated meetings when i had to develop something, you need a constructive longish time period to create something. Not all the time is very productive, but sparks of brilliance do fall out whenever you concentrate on a task. You need undisturbed time for day dreaming.

Quite amused at times that team doesnt really say no to meetings – may be they dont feel empowered enough to say no – which in itself dangerous.

Its not that one does not understand that taking interviews is so critical for developing a team but then writing code or designing application is an art which requires total concentration devoid of any distractions like meetings and interviews

One of the tasks which a manager should look into is to help team from outside distractions, that is what i expected my managers to do. Let me turn my creativity into the work i do, and you take care of the mess flying around

Here is another aspect – Makers Vs Managers meetings,


* Keep a larger chunk of time blocked when you are developing something – the makers time (block your calendar for it)

* Keep interviews post lunch or around other meeting times. All distractions to be answered in one go.

* Keep a day in a week when you would do bulk of things you call distractions (may not always work out)

* Block your calendar for day dreaming

* Block your calendar for learning – 2 hours a week?



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