Tom Peters … Excellence

Singapore immigration office has

  • Simple form
  • the immigration officer smiles at you
  • has a candy jar

Hard is soft and soft is hard.

When the going gets tough, go for Excellence

The rest rooms, have flowers everywhere, always show up, always be there to listen, no matter how many systems you make to analyze – best quality would always remain as the listening skill.

Manner your Sorry’s and Thank yous’.

When the things go wrong in the project, stand up and take charge, take responsibility, that is the best opportunity to learn. Anyone can blame and try to skip out the situation. 

Do quantify things, do have matrixes, but remember, Excellence is non quantifiable, is the soft value, cannot be seen, cannot be explained but exists in every aspect.

Excellence not when, but now!!!

Dont worry about success, how to get there, focus on Excellence.

Need not think about future, need not think about how would it come out to be, if you focus on Excellence, dont cut corners, dont give up till you have reached your Excellence level just keep working.

Excellence always spelled with capital ‘E’

We are all born with an entrepreneur-eal gene. The cave man created tools searched/hunted for food.

  • Womanomics – women are the biggest consumer base and not being catered to properly
  • Have women in team – helps in dynamics, women add emotional intelligence which is key to success

How do you review senior people.

Ask them to write about growth of people in their team. Where were they when they started, what did they learn and where are they today.

What projects did they start on growing their people, what were the learnings, what worked and what didnt?

Manager doesnt necessarily have to create strategy but to create team which can create and execute strategy


Define milestones. Small & measurable. You need to ensure how you are doing


Licking design. A knife to be designed that you would like to lick it, a car has to be designed such that you would like to lick it. Design is everything

Create manuals that users would like to read, like to make use of.

Asked a person about directions, he gave vague ones and i got lost and reached late for the meeting. How do you define/design your manuals?


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